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Buttercream Frosting

Butter Cream Frosting, also known as butter cream or butter icing or mock cream, is a creamy butter icing used as a coating or for filling or decorating a cake. Buttercream frosting is loved as a topping for Victoria Sponge and on cupcakes.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation of Buttercream Frosting

Butter cream frosting is made from butter and confectioner’s sugar. Both are creamed together to form smooth creamy consistency. A large variety of interesting buttercream frosting recipes are made using cocoa powder, vanilla flavoring, coffee flavoring, almond, peppermint flavoring, or a variety of fruit juices. Different food colorings are also added for decorative purposes. Sometimes fat is used in place of butter.

Varieties Of Buttercream Frosting

• Simple butter cream frosting, also known as American buttercream frosting, is a light fluffy sweet cream used for frosting
• Decorator’s buttercream frosting, also known as Rose Pate, is an extremely sweet stiff cream used for making flowers etc.
• Meringued Type Buttercream frosting – Also known as Italian buttercream is used for frosting bakery cakes.
• French Buttercream frosting- this is a smooth, soft and rich buttercream and melts well
• Pastry cream buttercream frosting also known as a German buttercream
• Fondant buttercream frosting, made by creaming fondant and butter