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Picota Cherry Loaf with White Chocolate Frosting

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For cake
  Butter 225 Gram, softened
  Golden caster sugar 225 Gram
  Eggs 4 , beaten
  Vanilla extract 2 Teaspoon
  Self raising flour 225 Gram, sifted (Plus Extra For Dusting)
  Picota cherries 375 Gram, halved and stoned
  White chocolate 275 Gram, 175g chopped into small chunks and 100g broken into small pieces
  Half fat mascarpone 140 Gram
  White chocolate curls 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs) (To Decorate)
  Picota cherries 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs) (To Decorate)

1. Heat oven to 180Cº/fan 160C/gas 4. Line a 1kg loaf tin with baking parchment, making sure the paper comes up higher than the sides. Beat the butter and sugar together until fluffy, then add the eggs, a little at a time, along with the vanilla extract. Fold in the flour until you have a smooth mixture.
2. Dust the cherries in a little flour, then carefully stir half of the fruit and chocolate into the mixture. Spoon into the prepared tin, then scatter the remaining cherries and chocolate on top, pressing them in lightly. Bake for 1 hr 10 mins or until a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.
3. Leave to cool in the tin for a few minutes, then turn out on to a wire rack and leave to cool completely.
4. Remove the mascarpone from the fridge to come to room temperature. Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Quickly stir in 1 tbsp of the mascarpone, then beat in the rest (be careful not to overbeat the mixture or it will go grainy). Spread over the top of the loaf and finish with white chocolate curls and fresh Picota cherries.

Recipe Summary

Preparation Time: 
20 Minutes
Cook Time: 
80 Minutes
Ready In: 
100 Minutes

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Picota Cherry Loaf With White Chocolate Frosting Recipe