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Beer Batter Fritter

Beer battered fritter is an appetizer or snack that is made of a batter containing beer. In a variety comprising fruits, chicken, seafood and vegetables. The essence of this dish is the batter made of beer and butter.


Beer Battered fritter consists of a main ingredient which could be an apple, banana, oyster, shrimp, fish vegetable or chicken with the batter that is made of:







The flour, egg, butter, a dash of salt along with beer are whisked together to form a sticky mixture. The batter is kept aside to set for 4 hours. The main ingredient is added to it and fried until it turns golden brown.

Health Value

Eggs: Eggs are rich in vitamin D and high source of protein. They are said to have properties preventing breast cancer. They also help in promoting hair and nails. They are low in fat and high in cholesterol. One egg only consists of 5 gm of fat and 1.5 gm of saturated fat. Egg also contains choline which helps regulate the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and brain.

Butter: Butter has many health benefits and one of the benefits is that it great for eye health and thyroid adrenal health. The fat in butter is essential for Candida and fungal infections. The fat also helps promote fertility in women and also helps in absorbing the minerals. The cholesterol in butter is good for children’s brain development. Butter also helps in keeping the skin healthy.

Beer: Beer is said to have health benefits since it has many vitamins and antioxidants that helps in reversing the cellular damage. It has also been found as per the recent studies conducted by Science of Food and Agriculture that dark beer has more iron content that the lighter beer.

Eating and Serving

The commonly eaten dishes that are used in the beer batter are Apples, corn, onions and seafood. This dish is most popular in French breakfast.