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Vignotte is a French cheese which is made from the milk of cow. The creamy, white cheese is little crumbly and has a very fresh flavor, which is little salty and lemony, with a slight hint of goat's cheese. The cheese chiefly comes from France, more specifically the southern and western areas. It is, however, also made by a few small-scale producers in Belgium and Scotland.

Depending upon the degree of firmness and sharpness required, this French cheese is aged for varied periods. Based on its texture, the cheese is categorized as a 'soft cheese' and is often called a 'triple-cream cheese'.

Origin of Vignotte Cheese

While it is known for a fact that Vignotte originated in France, the exact year or decade of its origin is largely unknown. There are various legends about how the cheese came into being, but the accuracy and truth of these theories and legends are largely disputed. Different regions have different versions of the story of the cheese's invention.

Culinary Uses of the Cheese

While the crust of the cheese is velvety, its insides are not runny, as one would expect. Rather, the insides are solid, and more like creamy paste. This makes the cheese perfect for use in a variety of preparations, right from soups and appetizers to main course dishes and even sauces and dips. Largely considered a table cheese, it is great for grilling as well; and thanks to the mild flavor of the cheese, it is pretty good when paired with most of the white wines as well as dry red wines. Fruits are also a good companion.

While the cheese is ideally not grated, it can be crumbled over preparations.

Buying and Storing Vignotte Cheese

Although the cheese is prepared in a few places apart from France, the typical French variety is considered the best and most preferred especially by purists. Across France, this cheese is available in stores and supermarkets; and overseas the cheese can be bought from some specialized stores. It can also be ordered online. This French cheese can be bought in rounds as petite as a pound; however, ones with larger rounds are considered to be more flvorsome.

Storing the cheese is never a problem as the cheese has a good shelf life. Vignotte is stored in a cool and dry place.