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Versailles Food basically refers to the food of southwestern France, where the city Versailles, which is located in France, is basically famous for Château de Versailles. Grilled meats are the most remembered dishes from the cuisine of Versailles, which largely follows the southwestern cuisine of France.

Popular Foods of Versailles Cuisine

  • Grilled Meats- Grilled meats of several types like chicken and lamb are the major specialties of Versailles city.

  • Sweet or Savory Crêpes- This is one of the most favored Versailles Food items which are widely consumed all over the city in either savory or sweet form. The basic foundation of this recipe comprises only of four vital ingredients viz salt, milk, egg and flour. Variations also exist in the recipe as the all purpose flour is often substituted with buckwheat or whole wheat flour, milk is substituted with a combination of water and milk to obtain lighter crêpes and the batter is made more flavorsome with the addition of cocoa, vanilla extract, liqueur (rum or brandy), and ground cinnamon.