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Toulon food basically consists of seafood based dishes as fishing is one of the prime activities in the Toulon town, located in southern region of France, on the Mediterranean coast. The geographical location of Toulon makes both southern cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine foods as the main specialties of Toulon. Apart from seafood specialties, the cuisine of Toulon is also famous for its wines as the town happens to be one of the vital wine making regions.

The dry and warm Mediterranean climate of Toulon is considered to be appropriate for grazing goats and sheep; however, due to poor quality of the soil, agricultural farming is not done on a large scale in this town. Further, the coastal area makes the seafood available in plenty. So, meats and seafood are the major foods from the cuisine of Toulon, with very little role being played by the agricultural products.

Toulon Cuisine: Commonly Used Ingredients

The primary ingredients used in preparing food in Toulon consist of olive oil, olives, garlic, seafood (rockfish, sardines, octopus, and sea urchins), goat, lamb, chickpeas, Cavaillon melons and local fruits like peaches, apricots, grapes, cherries and strawberries.

Popular Toulon Foods

The cuisine of Toulon, which is famous for seafood dishes, contains various kinds of fishes on the menus of all the eating establishments in the town, where loup and rouget are two popular fishes used in most fish based dishes. Loup is commonly called as bar in other regions of France and rouget refers to a tiny red fish, with both of them normally eaten in grilled form. The Toulon food item, loup is typically grilled over grapevines wood with fennel.