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Shrimp Bisque

Shrimp bisque is a delicacy that is part of the French cuisine. It is a soup that uses shrimp, crab or lobster as the main ingredient and is quite thick, smooth and creamy. This high seasoned soup is exquisitely prepared with a combination of ingredients and though it takes time to create the perfect shrimp bisque, most chefs and cooking enthusiasts agree it is worth the effort. The term bisque has said to be taken after Biscay, as in Bay of Biscay. What sets shrimp bisque recipe apart from other soup recipes is the method of cooking and the texture because unlike soup, the texture of bisque is rather thick. In an authentic shrimp bisque recipe, the shells are often made into a fine paste and then added to the soup. Also, if the shrimp bisque still requires more thickening, it is not uncommon to use rice, which can then be either strained out or used as a puree.