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Saint Marcellin

Saint Marcellin refers to a soft and silky textured French cheese prepared from the milk of cow, where the name of the cheese has been kept after a small town known as Saint-Marcellin, located in Isère. Salt is liberally used on both sides of this French cheese, where a lengthy time period is required for the cheese to mature, with the resultant cheese being creamy in nature and enriched with fruity and nutty flavors (of fresh almonds), which are considered to be highly complex in mature, wherein it is recommended to chew the cheese long in the mouth to relish the complete flavor. This French cheese gets warmed in an excellent manner in the oven, thus making it a perfect go with oven baked dishes.

History of Saint Marcellin Cheese

In ancient times, i.e. in 13th century, the French cheese Saint Marcellin was exclusively prepared from the milk of goat. However, these days only cow’s milk is used in the production of this cheese variety.

Production of Saint Marcellin Cheese

The production of this cheese variety is carried out in geographical region Rhône-Alpes, which was formerly a part of Dauphiné province. Small sized cheese is produced, which weighs around 80 grams and contains about 50% fat content, where the exterior of the cheese is spotty creamy white, which turns into blue and then yellow color after two or three weeks of production.

The cheese possesses similar properties of Saint-Félicien cheese where there is a variation in the size of the cheese with the latter being larger in size as compared to Saint Marcellin type, both of them being produced in Rhône-Alpes, but in different regions.

Uses of Saint Marcellin Cheese

The French cheese, Saint Marcellin, can be relished throughout the day where it can be used in various ways as explained here:

• It can be used in the form of a quick lunch where it can be paired with several dishes. A very good example is to combine the cheese with a quick French dish made up of chestnut mushrooms, leek, garlic cloves and lemon juice, where the flavor of the dish is enhanced with the help of use of this French cheese in the dish.

• The cheese can be used in the form of starter where it can be placed on pies and cakes to augment their taste and flavor.

• This French cheese goes nicely with fresh baguette, which is a dish made up of dry yeast, sugar, water, flour, and salt.

• Loading a puff pastry with Marcellin cheese is also a good idea to augment the flavor of the pastry, which serves as a very good snack item.

• French cheese variety Saint Marcellin pairs nicely with Chateauneuf du Pape and Gigondas red wines from the region Côtes du Rhône.