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Persillade is a sauce or seasoning primarily made of parsley and garlic. It is often used in Greek, French, Cajun, Creole, Quebecois cuisine. It has a very sharp flavor with sharp notes of garlic and parsley but when cooked the flavors mellow down. It is an ingredient for many dishes and dishes made with it is often called Persille e.g. Pommes Persille is a classical French bistro side dish.

Ingredients and Method

Parsley and garlic are they key ingredients for making Persillade. Olive oil, salt and vinegar might be added to this mixture as well. It is made in a very simple way by chopping the ingredients. Olive oil is added to give it a wetter and smoother texture. Different herbs like basil and oregano can also be added. Lemon zest can also be added as it contrasts the sharpness of the garlic.


Persilade is a standard for French cuisine and other dishes and cuisines which are influenced by French cooking. It is also a standard component of mise en place or a live setup. It can used alone or added to the base of dips and used to enhance flavor of a particular dish. Persillade is added to a dish at the end to keep the flavors fresh and strong.

Persillade can be added to breadcrumbs and used to encrust various dishes.

Miscellaneous Facts

· In India, traditionally the chutney is made on a stone and shares resemblance with Persillade

· Italian Pesto also has a similar way of preparation


· Lemon zest added to Persillade makes Gremolata.

· Basil and parmesan added to it makes Pistou.