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Michel Bras

Michel Bras happens to be a chef of French origin.

Professional Life of Chef Michel Bras

Born in 1946 in a village called Laguiole situated in the Aubrac region of South Central France, Michel Bras dabbled with cooking when still as a boy going on to become a professional cook attracted by the stove inside his mother's kitchen located at Lou Mazuc the family run Hotel-Restaurant.

Michel was mostly self-taught and made his own culinary world by bringing in the native customs of his admired region Aubrac. He was discovered by the prominent French restaurant guide Gault et Millau during the late 1970s. He began a restaurant in the year 1992 known as Laguiole and it got Michel Bras, three stars through the 1999 Michelin Guide. The restaurant is located over a high plateau facing Aubrac and in the summer time it is equipped with a staff of 60, together with his wife Ginette, daughter-in-law, son as well as both his parents. He refers to the restaurant as his home, and his staff as the orchestra..

Achievements of Chef Michel Bras

Bras is famous for the reason of incorporating purity in his cooking, which may essentially not be uncomplicated. He employs methods to uses humble ingredients such as bread, onions and mushrooms in an enhancing way. His signature dish is known as gargouillou (gar-gu-yu) which is named so due to a rib-sticking typical Aubrac with ham and potatoes, being a prepared salad of 60 uniquely made flowers vegetables, and seeds that change based on the day. Bras also contrived the now-apparent molten chocolate cake.

Michel Bras recipes andFood Inventions

Stuffed Onions Recipe is among flavorful Michel Bras recipes made using onions, Swiss cheese and ground pepper.

Mushroom Soup with Toasted Bread is among Michel Bras recipes the lush mushroom soup is pureed along with toasted bread in a dark brown color in order to thicken the texture and strengthen its flavor.

Slow-Roasted Sweet Onions with "Licorice" Powder is among Michel Bras recipes that is a sweet-savory amalgamation of dehydrated olives ,ground almonds and demerara sugar.

Pan-Seared Chicken Breasts with Barley Foam among Michel Bras recipes where the chicken is made more moist by letting them cook on the bone, letting their skins crisp in a buttered skillet.

Slow-Baked Sea Bass with Egg Sauce and Garlic Foam is made by baking it at a very low temperature and satiny.

Cookbooks by Chef Michel Bras

Michel Bras has authored many books. Reputed among those include :

  • Essential Cuisine
  • Notebooks of Michel Bras: Desserts
  • Petits festins et desserts (French Edition)
  • Bras : Laguiole, Aubrac, France
  • Die Küche des Michel Bras by Michel Bras
  • Francia - Cocinas del Mundo (Spanish Edition)

Chef Trivia

In 2008, Michel Bras teamed uo with Kai cutlery (the makers of Shun) to produce a custom line of knives.

Michel Bras was in New York as an aspect the collaboration with Japanese knife maker KAI. Bras created a line of delicate chef’s knives for KAI instigated by Laguiole’s renowned knife-making practice debuting in the year 2005.