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Marseille food is well- known throughout the region. Almost all the dishes eaten by the local people are a blend of traditional and modern cuisine. The climate as well as the history has influenced the food culture of the region considerably. Fresh vegetables, fish and fruits are the popular ingredients used in preparing the important dishes of Marseille.

Variety in cooking is one of the main features of food in Marseille. The uses of fresh herbs along with pesto, polenta and couscous are predominant too. The influences of North Africa and Italy are obvious in the cuisine of the region.

History of Marseille Cuisine

An old history that can be traced back to 2600 years ago has shaped the nature of food and culinary traditions of Marseille. It has modified the food habits of the Mediterranean basin as well. The use of spices like the basil is believed to have been imported from India. Pesto soup, varieties of pasta and the famous Bouillabaisse dish all have a long history associated with it.

Popular Food Items of Marseille Cuisine

  • Daube- A stew prepared with beef or lambs with olives and carrots added to it.
  • Bouillabaisse- A popular fish stew of Marseille. It is traditionally served with la rouille which is a garlic & saffron sauce.
  • Artichokes barigoule- A typical Marseille food made with stewed artichoke hearts.
  • Barbequed red cock mullet-A dish of shallots spiced with buttered rosemary, herbs and lemon juice.
  • Poached Salt Cod- A dish of salted cook with lamb legs and garlic mayonnaise.

Places Famous For Food in Marseille

La Maison- An offbeat place with a unique décor. It has no menu but the choice of the dishes is depicted inside the restaurant.

Côté Grill- Serves a buffet of appetizers and has a choice of three fixed dishes in its menu consisting of Marseille food.

Dédicace- It is run by three women chefs with the restaurant specializing in home cooked Provençal dishes.

Marseille Dishes: Trivia

Bouillabaisse, the most famous Marseille food though by definition a dish is a complete meal comprising of a soup and fish.