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Le Roule

Le Roule is a traditional rolled cheese log that is used in cooking and baking. The trademark of the cheese is a distinctive green swirl of herbs and garlic in the cheese that makes it unique. There are many distinctive variations of the cheese which make it a hot favorite with cheese connoisseurs.

History of Le Roule Cheese

Le Roule was initially made by the H TRIBALLAT cheese Company Dairy. An original idea by someone at the company resulted in a simple soft dairy cheese that could be rolled to create an instantly recognizable table cheese variety. The fresh and distinctive cheese is one of the most recognizable cheeses in the world due to the swirl of herbs and spices that are in the mix. The company produces two distinctive varieties that are sold all over the world but new varieties are added daily. For example, now they sell garlic and herbs in a full fat version as well as a low fat version. They also sell a cranberry version, salmon and dill, and a chives and strawberry version in large as well as small packs.

Culinary Uses of the Le Roule Cheese

Le Roule has distinctive tastes that are added to it in the form of herbs and garlic, cranberries and strawberries. This makes the cheese very tasty to eat as-is as it has a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The taste is creamy with a fruity aftertaste and it can be eaten in salads and as a table cheese.

Popular Le Roule Cheese Recipes

Le Roule has several uses due to its mild creamy texture. Generally it is served as slices or hors de oeuvres as the cheese has a considerable visual appeal due to the fruits and herbs studded on to the surface. The cheese is also used to create dips, on soups and a few of the most popular recipes include-

  • Instant garlic and herb pasta with Le Roule cheese is one dish that is commonly prepared.
  • Pissaladière with Le Roulé cheese is another popular recipe that has puff pastry filled with a rich tomato sauce and the Le Roule cheese
  • Le Roulé with warm Summer Vegetable Salad is a simple way of eating the cheese.
  • Creamy Le Roulé Dip is also a delicious method of eating the cheese when it is served with croutons, crudités and crisps.

Nutritive Value of Le Roule Cheese

Le Roule has a fat content of 45% which makes it really soft and creamy in taste.

Le Roule Buying/Storing Tips

Le Roule is sold online through various gourmet stores. It is a soft spreadable cheese and should be wrapped with parchment paper and stored in the refrigerator below 5 degree centigrade. It is recommended that the cheese be eaten within five days of opening the pack.


Le Roule is a vegetarian cheese as it is prepared without rennet which makes it ideal for vegetarians.