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Guillaume Tirel

Guillaume Tirel, also known as Taillevent which means “slicewind” in French, was a popular French cook in the court of Valois kings and also during the Hundred Years War. Born in the year 1310 in Pont-Audemer, Guillaume was quite popular chef with the imperial, who honored and conferred him with many culinary titles. In fact, today’s French cuisine draws from the various culinary books written by Taillevent, which even found favor with the royal families. Even red wine gained a lot of importance during this period, thanks to Guillaume Tirel.

Professional Life of Chef Guillaume Tirel

Guillaume Tirel was the ‘enfent de cuisine’ or the kitchen boy to Queen Jeanne d’Evreux at a very early age. By the time he was 16 years of age; he became the head Chef or queux to Philip VI. His success as a wonderful chef, promoted him to the position of squire to the Dauphin de Viennois in the year 1347 and then his queux in 1349. He also served the Duke of Normandy in various capacities. Chef Guillaume Tirel continued in the services of the Duke of Normandy till 1368 even after the Duke became Charles V. Thereafter, for the next 15 years, Charles VI continued using the services of Guillaume Tirel.

Noteworthy Works of Chef Guillaume Tirel

Guillaume Tirel wrote many culinary books that specially influence the French cuisine thereafter. In fact, many restaurants that have been named “Taillevent” gained immensely because of the popularity of Guillaume. A catering business that was based in Brussels cashed in on the success of Tirel and named their restaurant “Guillaume Tirel”.

Achievements of Taillevent

Guillaume Tirel became the squire to Duke of Normandy in the year 1355, followed by being a queux within four years and honored with the position of Seargeant-at-Arms by 1361.

Cook Books of Taillevent

Guillaume Tirel wrote a very popular cookbook named Le Viandier which influenced the French cuisine a great deal in the years that followed. The book detailed medieval cuisine of Northern France, which was referred to by lovers – professionals as well as individuals. Moreover, this cookbook of Chef Guillaume Tirel influenced many more cookbooks that followed.

Guillaume Tirel Trivia

Guillaume was so popular in France, that he was considered a ‘star’ in the French culinary world, from the time he served in the royal kitchen till his death in the year 1395. In fact, his success and popularity gave him the status of “Master Chef”, not only during his time, but even in the centuries that followed.