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Grenoble Food is famous for various kinds of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes due to the inhabitance of around forty communities in the Grenoble city, which is located in south eastern France, with the city being the capital of French Alps. The influence of various international cuisines on the cuisine of Grenoble is quite evident by various diverse foods prevalent in the city, a few of which include mushrooms, pizzas, salads, and meat dishes which amalgamate the flavors and specialties of several other cuisines like Spanish, Belgium, Indian, and local French.

Popular Foods from Grenoble Cuisine

  • Chocolate and hazelnut brownies – this is a traditional grenoble dish prepared with dark chocolate, egg, yolks, butter, castor sugar, flour and hazelnuts.

  • Traditional-style confit of porc– this refers to a pork based dish prepared of pork fillets, garlic cloves, shallots, bay leaves, lard, black pepper beans and spices as per taste.

  • Almond Milk Custard Tart – traditional dish made up of crust pastry, sugar, eggs, flour, milk, almonds and vanilla extract.

Famous Places for Food in Grenoble

  • Le Telepherique– This restaurant is famous for its specialties which include the seafood and traditional duck with sweet sousse.

  • Le Chasse Splen- Tartalet de parmesan (baked potatoes dish with parmesan cheese), along with bean salad is the main attraction of this Grenoble restaurant.

  • La coccinelle– This restaurant is well-known for offering refined, simple and excellent Grenoble food, where mushrooms and other French dishes are the major delicacies.