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Gratte Paille

Gratte Paille is a cheese made from the cow’s milk. It is a bit buttery and its flavor is little acidic in the beginning and later develops into a buttery and creamy taste. This cheese comes from France and has a natural white rind. The cheese is creamy and off white with an aftertaste of mushroom. It is eaten as a dessert or an accompaniment with savory dishes. This French cheese has a shelf life of three weeks. When it matures, it may have an oily texture with a grainy center. Sometimes, the grainy texture may become chalky too. The rind may become dry and reddish as it matures. The flavor and aroma of grate paille develop with age and becomes stronger.

History of Gratte Paille Cheese

This cheese was invented in 1970 by a creamery in Seine-et-Marne. This meaning of the cheese is as follows, grate means starch and paille means straw.

Culinary Uses of Gratte Paille Cheeses

This ingredient can be used for cooking vegetables and chicken. It can also be used for baking pastries. It can also be eaten as an accompaniment with savory dishes such as potpies.


Gratte Paille is available in brick shape with a natural white rind. It is twice as thick as the Camembert.