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Frinault is an off-white cheese with an ash colored casing and a supple texture. This cheese is made from milk of cows that have been bred specially for this purpose and it is produced by a sole manufacturer in France. The cheese has a slight spicy taste and tends to leave a slight bitter after taste. Available in small round shaped mounds, this cheese can last up to 3 weeks when sliced into wedges.

History of Frinault Cheese

This cheese gets its name from “Eugene Frinault” who invented the cheese. His family bred two cows, when they lived on a farm in the neighborhood of Orleans. The milk of these two cows was used for making the cheese, which was used by the family and the excess sold in the local market. Soon, it became popular with the local people, which led to the family opening a store called Fleury-aux-Choux in the year 1877 that was changed to Fleury-les-Aubrais in the year 1908.

Culinary Uses French Frinault

The off-white cheese from Orleans is used for making many delicious dishes such as casseroles, bakes, dips, spread and even gravy based dishes.

Frinault Cheese Recipes

There are many popular recipes that use this cheese and these include Crock Pot Lasagna, Cheese Spread, Spicy Blue Cheese Chicken, Egg plant Cheese, Spaghetti Pie, Cheese Lasagna, etc.

Trivia- Frinault Cheeses

Dark beers such as Irish Stouts and dry wines pair well with Frinault.