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French Wine And Cheese

French Wine and Cheese are typical to a region in France. Geographical variations and cultural differences are the two factors that rule the properties of French wine and cheese. Most of the French wine bottles indicate the expression of vin d'AOC. AOC stands for appellation d'origine controlee, which means a wine from Bordeaux, will be read as vin de Bordeaux (Bordeaux wine). Similarly many of the cheeses also indicate the expression for their region of origin. Such as the Brie de Meaux: this indicates that the particular variety of Brie is from Meaux region. Today various French wine and cheese recipes are enjoyed throughout the world because of the variety in the tastes offered by them.

History of French Wine and Cheese
The history of French wine dates back to 6000 years and of cheese the first recorded mention dates back to 7500 years. “Fromage” the French word for cheese was first used in 13th century. Wine was normally used for normally used for medicinal, dietary and religious purposes. And cheese was only used for dietary purposes.

Culinary Use of French Wine and Cheese
The French wine and cheese recipes vary largely as per the requirement of any particular dish. The French wine and cheese are enjoyed on their own but off late they have become an integral part of the French recipes. Today French wine and cheese are largely used as flavoring agents. Many of the French recipes call for the usage of dry French wines. White wines are also extensively used in cooking but mostly the dry white wines are used. The dry white wines are added to the food to increase their sweetness and flavor. The white wines possess the property of retaining the flavor of the food. The wine should be used in only required amounts otherwise they will emanate foul taste.

Popular French Wine and Cheese Recipes

  • Cheese Fondue – This is a classic fondue which is normally enjoyed in French Alps and it can be served during all the winter fondue parties.
  • Oysters in Chablis jelly- The oysters are cooked in Chablis wine and flavored with mascarpone cheese.
  • Gougeres: These are the cheese puffs which are normally served with wine.
  • La Truffade Recipe: This is normally prepared in Auvergne region of France, and teamed with rye loaf or meal.
  • Cheese Soufflé Recipe: This cheese recipe is quite easy to prepare and can be whipped within 15 minutes.

Preferred Wine and Cheese Pairings

  • White wines can be teamed with soft and strong flavored cheeses.
  • Red wines can be teamed with hard and milder flavored cheeses.
  • Sweet white wines and fruity wines can be teamed with large variety of cheeses.
  • Pungent cheeses should be paired with sweeter wines.
  • Dry wines should be paired with mild cheeses.
  • Light bodied red wines should be teamed with very strong cheeses.

Buying, and Storing the French Wines and Cheeses

While buying and storing French wines and cheeses, following points should be kept in mind:

  • Cheeses should be bought in large wedges.
  • Cheeses should be served at room temperature. They should be pulled out of refrigerator atleast an hour before serving.
  • Serve the wines always at fairly cooler temperatures like red wines should be served at 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit and white wines should be served at 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • For best results the red wines should be consume after 15-20 minutes of opening them.

Classic Red French Wine and Cheese Pairings

  • Cabernet Sauvignon teams well with hard and sharp cheese
  • Cabernet Franc and sharp cheddar
  • Chianti and hard cheese
  • Chianti and Parmesan
  • Pinot Noir and white cheeses
  • Zinfandel and blue cheese
  • Sangiovese and creamy cheese
  • Merlot and sharp cheddar

Classic White French Wineand Cheese Pairings

  • Riesling and gouda cheese
  • Pinot Blanc and Brie
  • Loire Valley wines and goat cheese
  • Sauvignon Blanc and Brie Cheese
  • Sauternes and Roquefort Cheese
  • Sauternes and blue cheese
  • Champagne and Brie