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French Guiana

French Guiana food is eaten by the people of French Guiana, a country located in the North Eastern corner of South America which is inhabited by French people. Due to the proximity of French Guiana with Caribbean, seafood is one of the major items of the cuisine of this region.

Historical Influence on French Guiana Cuisine

Due to ethnic diversity in French Guiana, where there is a blend of African and French culinary traditions and cultures, the cuisine of French Guiana is popularly defined as Creole. Apart from prevalence of African and French cuisines on the cuisine of French Guiana, the recipes and preparation methods followed by the Indian, Dutch, Chinese, Indonesian, Jewish, and Lebanese immigrants also have an influence on the native cuisine of French Guiana.

French Guiana Recipes - Commonly Used ingredients

  • The most common ingredient in the cuisine of French Guiana is beans, which is normally served with various kinds of meats, where it is always served with fish.

  • Coconut is also one of the main ingredients, which is largely used in preparation of cocktails, soups fish, shellfish and poultry based dishes.

French Guiana Recipes - Cooking Methods

French Guiana foods are prepared with various cooking methods which involve grilling, frying, barbequing, stewing and roasting, where frying method is the most popularly used method for food preparation in this French region.

Popular Foods from French Guiana Cuisine

  • Regional foods of French Guiana consists of pork, corn, locally produced soft and ripened cheeses, and beans.

  • Traditional French Guiana foods include fish, vegetables and meat.

  • One of the major parts of the French Guiana diet consists of seafood, which is normally served with chili and potatoes and is served in either raw or cooked form.

  • Feijao (a dish made of red or black beans) and Bacalhau (salted and dried codfish) are the two popular dishes in French Guiana which reflect an influence of African cuisine.

  • Pepper pot, which refers to a stew prepared from juice of bitter cassava, hot pepper, meat, and several seasonings, is one of the favorite dishes of French Guiana.

  • Cook up which refers to one-pot meal consisting of various vegetables and meat is also well admired in the region.

  • A few other famous French Guiana foods consist of curry and roti, cassava bread, garlic pork and chowmein.