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French Connection

French connection cocktail is an alcoholic beverage made with cognac and amaretto served after dinner or as a nightcap. It is served chilled and is meant to sip slowly as the combination of cognac and amaretto is considered to be very potent. The original French connection cocktail recipe does not call for any kind of garnishing while serving it.

There is no recorded history of the French connection cocktail although the concoction had extremely popular in the 1960s. The drink is again witnessing a revival as a popular nightcap at present. The name, however, indicates that it had been originally invented in France.

Ingredients and Popular French Connection Cocktail Recipe

The most accepted form of preparing the French connection cocktail is to pour the cognac slowly over a glass filled with ice and then top it up with the almond flavored amaretto. The resultant mixture is meant to be swirled slowly instead of being vigorously shaken together.

Variations of French Connection Cocktail

· Combination of Courvoisier and Grand Marnier.

· Orange liqueur mixed with cognac in a snifter.

· A warm cocktail prepared with coffee, cognac and almonds.

Nutritional Facts of French Connection Cocktail

A single serving of the French Connection Cocktail consists of 175 calories with most of the energy coming from its alcoholic content. There are no saturated fat or dietary fibers within the drink although it contains 9.3 g of protein and 5% carbohydrates in each serving.

French Connection Cocktail: Trivia

The French connection cocktail has also been recognized by the International Bartenders Association.