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French Breakfast

French breakfast is called Le petit déjeuner, the first meal of the day, generally comprising either tea or coffee served along with breads, croissants, rolls, etc. This meal is very elaborate and fancy having sweet goods and baked good. Healthy foods like processed meats, eggs and milk is also a part of this meal.

Popular Breakfast Dishes and Drinks

Beverages – Tea or coffee is the most usually served beverage. Black coffee is the most popular hot beverage. Hot chocolate is consumed by wither children or people who do not drink tea or coffee.

· Tea or coffee can be replaced with healthier beverages like green tea, jasmine tea or herbal tea. Such teas are free from health affecting components like caffeine which causes caffeine addiction. They also contain a good amount of antioxidants which protects the body from free radical damage. It also delays the process of ageing. They also energize and rejuvenate the body.

Croissants – The most popular accompaniment along with a beverage is croissants. It is a baked sweet good. It contains high amount of butter and sugar.

· Healthier low fat variants should be made. Sugar should be replaced with other zero calorie sweeteners.

Other baked sweet goods – Pain au raisins (raisin bread), pain au chocolat, Danish pastry, sweet rolls are very popular snacks served as breakfast. These sweet goods are very high in fat and sugars and are not very healthy. They should be avoided and replaced with healthier foods.

Fresh breads – Baguette is the most popularly served French bread. It can be sliced and either served as it is or toasted. It is served with butter, jam, marmalades or jelly.

  • It is healthier to eat whole wheat bread or multigrain bread over white bread as it is rich in fiber and other micro nutrients.
  • It also aids faster weight loss.

Fruits – Fresh fruits are an important part of a French breakfast. Mixed fruit salad can also be consumed.

Crepes – Crepes may also be served along with different toppings and fruits.

Eggs / ham / bacon / sausages – Such foods are not a part of a traditional French breakfast as these foods are regarded as heavy.

French breakfast is considered imbalanced as it does not contain a good balance of proteins, carbohydrates and other vital nutrients.Foods like egg should be added to balance the meal.