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Financier Cake

Financier cake or banker’s cake is a French teacake originating in France. It is a kind of sponge cake and is popular as friend pastry in Australia and New Zealand.

History of Financier Cake Recipe

Banker’s cake is said to have originated in Paris. This cake became popular in the financial districts of Paris and thus got its name. It is said that the cake was originally prepared in a mold which resembled a bar of gold.

Ingredients used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Banker’s Cakes

Banker’s cake recipe like any other cake recipe recommends the use of butter, flour, sugar and eggs to make this cake. Almond powder or blanched almonds are used to enhance the taste of this cake. Though easy to prepare, the cake needs to be carefully made. The butter before mixing needs to be browned and this needs utmost care. If the butter is overcooked and burnt, the taste of the cake gets spoiled.

The cake is special and for the preparation of this cake oven and hob both are required. The butter needs to be melted on the hob. Also the other ingredients need to be cooked slightly in the hob before they are mixed together with the butter. Only after this the mixture is transferred to molds and baked.

Serving and Eating Banker’s Cake

This cake can be enjoyed at any time of the day. However it is more popular as a tea time snack. The cakes can be savored warm or at room temperature with tea or coffee. The cake is made throughout the year. It is quite popular and can be found at most bakeries.

Popular Variations of Financier Cake Recipe

The financier cake includes almond as the flavoring for this cake. However, with growing demand many more flavorings have been added to this cake. Chocolate is a popular flavor added to this cake. Apart from this sometimes fruits are also added to this cake. Pears, papaya and pineapple are some favorite toppings used for this cake. In Australia and New Zealand coconut flavorings is added to this cake to make it tastier. However the cake made following the original recipe is still in great demand.

The shape of this cake has also altered over the ages. It is nowadays baked in different shapes like cupcake shape or in a shape of a flower, as per the demand.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Banker’s Cake

Like any other cake, this cake also contains calories and should be eaten sparingly. Because of its tiny size, people tend to consume more numbers of this cake and thus in turn inherit a lot of calories. One can however enjoy Financier cake by keeping a check on the quantity being consumed.