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Cyril Lignac

Cyril Lignac, born on November 5, 1977 is a renowned French chef cum TV presenter, who is credited for his exquisite and contemporary French food recipes and restaurants, being a firm believer of gourmet dining himself.

Professional Life of Cyril Lignac

Chef Cyril Lignac stepped into the culinary world by starting his formal culinary education at Villefranche-de-Rouergue, from where he acquired his diploma degree at 20 years of age and apprenticed at the Alain Passard owned Michelin 3 starred restaurant Arpeggio in Paris. His training continued under the mentorship of Korova’s Pierre Hermé, Grande Cascade’s Alain Ducasse, Maison Blanche’s Pourcel brothers and Jardin des Sens. In 2004, Cyril Lignac started running La Suite in Paris and in 2005, established the le Quinzième Cuisine Attitude restaurant. Since 2008 September Chef Cyril Lignacis in charge of a 1908 Parisian bar, “Chardenoux”, a registered French Monument historique.

Signature Dishes by Lignac

Cyril Lignac, who is known for his contemporary French recipes, has created these following signature dishes –

  • Madagascar– This dessert is a combination of light chocolate cream served with Tanariva milk, lime ice cream and crisp Praline flake.
  • Sole de Petit Bateau– This dish is cooked in a bright yellow wine sauce and a puree of vanilla flavored ratte potatoes.
  • Veal Sweetbreads of Correze– This is a platter of semi-cooked, braised spinach served in veal sauce with a spicy touch of Del Piquillos pimentos.
  • Rod & line Sea Bass– This dish is defined by oven baked and finely pureed white large beans served with coffee and sage.

Restaurants by Cyril Lignac

  • Le Quinzieme– Cyril Lignac established this gourmet restaurant in 2005, where guests can eat his unique range of contemporary and gourmet French dishes.
  • Le Chardenoux– In 2008, Chef Cyril Lignactook over this historical Parisian bistro and renovated to serve the country with his contemporary French dishes in a luxurious setting.

Achievement of Lignac

Cyril Lignac was once voted as the “country’s Favourite Chef” because of his pleasing personality.

Popular Media Shows by Chef Lignac

Cyril Lignac has taken part in several cook shows on the French Television and some of the most notable amongst them include "Yes chef!" (OUI CHEF!) aired on M6, "Live in canteen!”, "Chef, the recipe" and quite recently "Get Chef'd". His other notable shows on the French television are M.I.A.M – My Invitation to Dine, The Chef Hits Back and Vive la Cantine!

Cookbooks by Chef Cyril Lignac

Cyril Lignac has authored several cookbooks which are –

My bistro cook-book– In this book, the chef reveals his authentic ways of cooking and includes more than 450 recipes from his bistro Le Chardenoux.

Chef & Wine– This book is about food and wine pairing authored by Chef Cyril Lignacafter meeting wine-waiter Jérôme Moreau.

Chef & 80 Recipes– The chef, through this book shares his vision and passion of fine cooking.

Cyril Lignac & Young Chefs– This book by Cyrlin Lignac contains a series of 36 kids’ recipes taken from the chef’s own childhood.

My Cuisine Collection– This cookbook is a collection of 50 low budget, low fat original recipes by Cyril Lignac.

Cyril Lignac also writes for his bi-monthly magazine called “Cuisine By Cyril Lignac.”

Chef Cyril Lignac: Trivia

  • In 2007, Cyril Lignac gave voiceover for “Lalo” in French version of the Pixar movie "Ratatouille.”
  • His favorite word is “Pleasure,” his favorite smell is that of “Chocolate,” his favorite sound is the exciting sound of his own kitchen, his most favored dish is “An Aubrac rib of beef with Béarnaise sauce” and finally, he is most fond of the “An éclair with salty butter caramel” dessert.