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Comte is flat circular disc shaped French cheese with a dusty brown colored rind and pale yellowish from inside usually with hazelnut sized holes on it. It is an ancient cheese manufactured from the cow’s milk and usually takes a long tenure ranging from four months to even twenty four months and is rubbed with brine so as to develop proper rinds. The age difference in the formation leads to a wide ranged variety of this cheese, each having varied flavors. It is available in slices or cubes and can be bought from the commonest cheese stores or the cheese section of the departmental store.


It is French cheese also known as Gruyere de Comte and contributes significantly to the cheese production of France. The cheese is believed to have evolved in around 12th century during the summer months and would come to an end with the end of the hot season. Comte evolution related to the period when there was shortage of food in winters and mountainous people started creating large chunks of cheese in order to store their primary resource – milk for the deficit months.

Culinary Usage

This cheese cut to small cubes is well an appetizer in itself, in addition to which it is grated or melted to bring out its original flavors in some delicious recipes.The cheese is used in flavoring fondues, gratins or salad and goes well with red or white wines. Comte with macaroni and baby spinach is a wonderful pasta and combined with potatoes and cheese is another delicacy that is flavored primarily with it. It can also be used in some delicious puddings like asparagus tarts, soufflés and apple pie. Duck parmentier and grilled sandwich are some other renowned dishes made using it.

These dishes have become renowned worldwide which forms an important part of the cuisines of France, Switzerland and parts of Germany. However, the east France is known to be its largest producer where more than tons are manufactured each year.

There are innumerable flavors given to the dishes with Comte as multiple flavors of the cheese are available. It is known to be a good melting cheese which makes delicious fondue and is used to top a number of gratin and pasta recipe. It is mixed with some soups and potato recipes during the cooking process and is most commonly served in cubes with salads.

Nutritive Valueof Comte Cheese and its Types

It is a caloric food with persistent amount of saturated fats, sodium, protein, calcium and iron. It is a type of cooked pressed cheese and forms a part of the healthy diet with a rich calcium supplement and known to be a low carbohydrate resource.


There are varied types of the cheese depending on the tenure ranging from four months to as much as 24 months and this difference set forth a number of varieties of the products. Emmental and Gruyere are some of the common variety of the Comte which is no longer available in grated form but are rather found in slices or cubes.