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Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Soufflé is essentially a soufflé made with chocolate as the main flavoring ingredient. In essence, a soufflé is a light baked cake. Chocolate soufflés have the distinction of being one of the most popular desserts almost everywhere in the world. These are a popular bakery item served in cafes and restaurants across the world and also a common household preparation, especially during special occasions.

Ingredients and Preparation

Ingredients: Ingredients typically used in the preparation of chocolate soufflé include chocolate, egg whites, egg yolks, sugar, milk, butter, oil and whipped cream. Ingredients that complement chocolate are usually added to make the soufflé more flavorful. Common additions include nuts, jellies, jam, marmalade, fruits, berries, etc. Pumpkins are also added at times to make the soufflé sweeter and more flavorful. Chocolate used in the preparation depends on personal preference and taste and ranges from white and bittersweet to the sugar-free variety as well.

Preparation Overview: Chocolate Soufflé is baked and it takes about 40 minutes to make about 4 servings. Although soufflés can be baked in molds and containers of various shapes and sizes, ramekins are traditionally used. The egg whites are first beaten until stiff and then mixed together with all the other ingredients. The batter thus obtained is poured into the ramekins or molds being used. They are placed in the oven and the soufflés are baked till they are light and puffy with the insides cooked.

Chocolate Soufflé Recipe Variations

There are many variations of the traditional chocolate soufflé with each region boasting of its own version. The variations are generally based on the ingredients used in the preparation. In general, the low-calorie, low-fat version, and lactose intolerant friendly version are the most common variations. To make the soufflé low in fat and calorie, the chocolate used in the preparation is usually sugar-free and the sugar is replaced with sugar substitutes. In addition, skimmed milk and margarine are used instead of regular milk and butter. Cream is either completely eliminated or replaced with low-fat cream. To make the soufflé suitable for those who are lactose intolerant, milk, butter and cream are replaced with coconut milk and olive oil.

Serving Suggestions

Chocolate Soufflé is generally served as a dessert. It is usually served chilled but can also be served lukewarm or at room temperature. The soufflés are unmolded onto a cake plate or serving plate and then served. A dollop of whipped cream makes a good accompaniment and chocolate sprinkles and grated chocolate are the usual garnishes.