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Chipolata is a special type of French sausage which is eaten in the freshly prepared form. The chipolatas are similar to the Italian sausages and are made as very thin breakfast sausage links. The chipolata is often grilled instead of being pan fried or poached unlike the other links of sausages. Chipolatas are made from coarsely ground pork meat which is seasoned with pepper and salt apart from herbs. Rosemary, thyme, pimento and nutmeg are all used to flavor the chipolata and varies according to the chipolata recipe followed. Chipolata is also consumed in Britain and is a part of Christmas dinner. They are often covered with a streaky kind of bacon and the dish is known as pigs in blanket. Scotland refers to the chipolata recipe as the way to prepare kilted pigs while similar sausages are eaten for breakfast in Australia. The chipolata differs substantially from the cocktail sausages though as the later is a thinner and more delicate form of the bigger sausages known as chipolatas.

History of The Chipolata Recipe

The word chipolata can be traced back to almost 400 years back in the past to the Italian stew called cipollata. However, food historians connected the term cipolla with the stew later on which means onions, making it doubtful whether the traditional chipolata recipe had been derived from the Italian stew.

Ingredients and the Chipolata Recipe

The ingredients for stuffing the casing of the chipolatas vary from region to region. In France, it is prepared from the butt or shoulder portion of the pig and seasoned with a variety of herbs which may include thyme, chives, cloves and pepper flakes before being put into the casing. The British variety of the chipolata contains a filing of rice mixed with the pork meat which makes it a less fatty version of the sausage. The people of Britain also refer to all kinds of small sausages as chipolatas while the French use the specific terms for each variety of sausage. The Americans have taken to the chipolata as well although they do not prefer to add rice to the minced meat filling.

Serving Chipolata

The Americans use the chipolata to flavor their eggs and the sausages are added to omelets, poached eggs as well as the scrambled variety. Frittatas are frequently eaten in accompaniment of the tiny sausages as well while the egg custard can be given a distinct Italian flavor courtesy the chipolata. The pig in blanket is a traditional favorite of the British people who relish the tiny sausages covered with a streaky piece of bacon. The French, on the other hand, serve the sausages with a meal consisting of meat and vegetables which have been glazed with Madeira. The dish is known as a la chipolata which means with sausages. A bonbon baked with a small sausage in the center is yet another chipolata recipe that is cherished by all.

Nutritional Facts of Chipolatas

The small sausages are high in calories and contain a good amount of protein along with saturated fats. The nutritional value depends on the nature of the filling to an extent with the British sausages being richer in carbohydrates than fats while it is just the opposite for the French variety.

Chipolata: Trivia

St. Chipolata’s is a Television soap set in a hospital environment. It was created for the Britfilms.