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Chevre Chaud

Chèvre Chaud or Salade de Chèvre Chaud Sur Toast is a French dish made of chevre cheese or goat cheese served hot on toasted bread.


Goat cheese has been very popular in France since the ancient times. The cheese was easily available and was easy to prepare too. As a result, the local peasant class used to slather the cheese on top of toasted bread and consume it with fresh greens as a filling dish. Gradually, the dish became popular with the upper class too and they started adding meat, most commonly chicken, to the greens to make a more filling dish.

Ingredients and Preparation

There are many different varieties of chevre that may be used to make the dish. For example, Picodon or Pélardon may be used as they have a mild, tart taste. However, others may prefer to use crottin de Chavignol, feta, fresh goat cheese, etc. The cheese is sliced or shaped. It is then spread on to toasted bread or fresh bread and grilled, broiled or pan fried. The bread is then served on top of fresh salad greens, nuts, and tomatoes. The salad is then dressed with a dressing made from olive oil, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar and sugar.


Chèvre Chaud is usually served immediately accompanied with chilled Sancerre wine.

Popular Variations

The essential recipe for Chèvre Chaud has not changed. However, contemporary cooks have added modifications like fresh fruits, dried berries, nuts, and herbs to the recipe. Bacon, ham, lardons, bacon bits, shredded chicken, or sausages are added to the salad to make a more filling meal.