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Burgundy food, which is quite famous for its rich flavor, belongs to the cuisine of France. The two main factors having an impact on Burgundy cuisine include:

  • Heavy red wines
  • Charollais beef cattle (finest breed of beef)

Burgundy food is considered to be incomplete without the use of these essential ingredients. Red wine is used in preparation of various sauces in the cuisine of burgundy, which are popularly used in making beef based Burgundy food.

Popular Foods of Burgundy Cuisine

A few popular types of burgundy food are listed here:

  • A traditional recipe of Burgundy involves a combination of two vital ingredients, viz red wine and beef, where the red wine is used to marinate the beef, and cooked gently with baby onions, carrots, pieces of bacon, and mushrooms. This traditional burgundy dish is known as “boeuf bourguignon”.

  • Burgundy dishes entitled “à la bourguignonne” make use of a sauce where lardons (bacon), mushrooms, and baby onions are added in red wine and cooked together with beef prepare the much liked burgundy food. Burgundy dishes which are prepared in similar way but with the use of chicken instead of beef, are often termed as coq au vin and boecuf bourguignon.

  • A burgundy food item prepared without mushrooms is known as meurette, which is consumed with fish, poultry, meat and eggs. Marc brandy is added in little amount to enhance the flavor of this sauce.

  • Cheese is also popular in burgundy cuisine, which is produced in abundance in burgundy alike other parts of France. A few popular cheeses in the region consist of soft St-Florentin (from Yonne valley), creamy white Chaource, goat's cheeses (from Morvan) and orange-skinned Époisses. A cheesecake known as gougere is a popular kind of burgundy food item which is best consumed warm with Chablis.

  • Burgundy food consisting of snails is immensely popular in the region, which is cooked by stewing the snails for a few hours in white wine, along with carrots, onions and shallots, which are then stuffed with parsley and garlic, and cooked for some time in oven before serving.