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Blanquette De Veau

Blanquette de veau is a very simple stewed main course dish of veal and vegetables that was first cooked in France. In modern day France, it’s a very common dish that is cooked in nearly every home and bistro.

Ingredients and Popular Methods of Blanquette De Veau

Usually veal belly is the most common joint that is used to prepare the dish. But modern Blanquette de veau recipe variations include the addition of lean meat to the dish. Veal leg or shoulder can also be used. The meat is simmered with lemon, onion, and spices like bay leaf, thyme, parsley, rosemary and celery. Additional ingredients like onions, turnips, carrots and mushrooms are added to increase the flavor of the dish. Blanquette de veau is usually left to simmer for at least two hours till the meat is tender. Some cooks serve the dish in this form, while others remove the stock and then thicken it with butter, flour, egg yolks and cream. The eventual dish is usually white is color, and the vegetables are served on the side or top of the dish.

Serving and Eating Blanquette De Veau

This is a main course dish that is usually served hot with rice or pasta as an accompaniment. A few people also serve French bread and butter with the dish. Potatoes in the form of roasted or stewed potatoes are the common accompaniment.

Nutritional Value of the Blanquette De Veau Recipe

One serving of the Blanquetter De Veau will be about 1578 calories.