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Avignon food is quite famous for its regional specialties like nougat, chocolate, and truffles. Though the city is quite popular for various traditional foods and specialties, yet chocolates with unique filling and various kinds of sweets are the distinct characteristics of the cuisine of Avignon. Avignon, which is a commune located in south eastern France in the department of Vaucluse, follows a common trend of enjoying food with wine.

Popular Foods from Avignon Cuisine

  • Les Papalines d'Avignon – this is one of the regional sweet specialties of Avignon, which consists of a combination of Mont Ventoux oregano liqueur and chocolate.

  • Nougat– it is a popular Avignon dish, which is prepared with honey/sugar, candied fruit (chopped), and roasted nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and macadamia nuts). The nougat may either be soft, semi-soft or hard in consistency depending upon the composition of its ingredients. This regional specialty item of Avignon is widely used in chocolates and candy bars.

Famous Places for Food in Avignon

  • Taverna Avenos –this restaurant in Avignon offers Turkish cuisine foods to the guests which are known to be quite delicious.

  • La Compagnie des Comptoirs– this is one of the upscale restaurants of the commune which serves modem French dishes like roast scallops served with asparagus and creamy risotto, and sea bass prepared in banana leaves served along with ginger sauce and steamed Chinese cabbage.