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Andouille is a traditional French sausage made out of Pork and is popularly associated to Cajun Cooking. Though it is known to have originated in France, it moved to the United States especially to Louisiana through the French immigrants. The Andouille consists of grounded pork (which is smoked and spicy), onions, and spices. There are various types of Andouille sausages including Andouillet and the Cajun-style Andouille. An Andouillet is made with tripe and pork intestines which has a milder flavor. The Andouillet has originated from the France. The Cajun Style Andouille has a Smoky and Spicy flavor and though the Cajun style originated in France, it is popular in the United States. The Andouille sausage is mostly used in dishes like Gumbo and Jambalaya. It is also used in Pasta dishes, Mexican dishes, and Savory pies. Apart from these it is popularly a part of the breakfast sausage along with grits and eggs.

Origin of Andouille

Even though the origin of the Andouille is believed to be in France, there are also claims from other regions as well. Similar sausage recipe are renowned from Germany. Another sausage Nduja, which is produced in the Calabria region of Italy, is believed to have been developed from the French sausage made during the middle ages. The Andouille sausage has originated 1000 of year back which makes it a traditional dish. It has also been noted that the actual Andouille was not spicy and smoked, the dish evolved in its flavor once it made its way to the United States.

Ingredients used and the popular method of preparing Andouille

The Andouille recipe has grounded pork, garlic, salt, and black pepper. To prepare the Andouille sausage, the grounded pork and garlic are seasoned with black pepper and salt, which is stuffed into a sausage casing made out of beef or pork. Once the sausage is stuffed, it is then put on a pecan wood and sugar cane for smoking. The sausage is smoked for a period of about 14 hours. The Andouille sausage then holds a spicy flavor and a dark color.

Popular Andouille variations

One of the most common variations of the Andouille is the Tasso, which is made from the hind legs of the pig. It consists of spices like cayenne pepper and salt for the preparation.

Health facts of Andouille

  • A typical Andouille consists of nearly 313 calories with 43 grams of Cholesterol and 518 grams of Sodium.

Various Facts of Andouille

  • The most popular Andouille brands available in the markets include - Savoie's, Richard, DD Patton's Sausage, and Manda.
  • LaPlace, Louisiana is renowned as the Andouille capital of the world and also holds a festival annually to chose the Miss Andouille.
  • The traditional French Andouille is made from the intestines and stomach of the pig.