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Strasbourg Pheasant

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Fry 1 sliced onion in goose fat1 till golden, with some sauerkraut thoroughly washed beforehand.
Add salt and pepper and sizzle for 30 minutes.
In another pan, and also in goose fat, fry a pheasant, cleaned and trussed with fat bacon, gently until it is golden on all sides.
Give this process 30 minutes.
Now lift out half the sauerkraut, from the first pan; on the rest, put some thin rashers of green bacon (or mildly-cured 1 Goose fat is often obtainable from butchers or poultrymen inexpensively by the pound; it has a low melting point, excellent flavour, and is a very good cooking fat, melted.
It should be cut in small pieces, rendered down slowly in the oven and stored in jars.streaky bacon), 1 small smoked sausage, and the pheasant, just as it is.
Cover with the half of sauerkraut you lifted out: add some white wine, and cook for 2 hours.
Arrange the pheasant in a dish, put the sauerkraut all round it and garnish with bacon and slices of sausage.

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Strasbourg Pheasant Recipe