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The Fisherman'S Dish

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This is a most useful recipe for almost any white fish—pollack, saithe, hake, coley cod fillet, whiting, grey mullet or what-have-you.
If you are dealing with a small whole fish, cut off the fins and take out the bones, but cod steaks or slices or pieces of a larger fish may be left just as they are.
Put the pieces of fish in a fireproof dish well greased with butter, add some salt and pepper and sprinkle with chopped parsley and shallot.
Pour over it a little light stock made with a bouillon cube and i tablespoonful of continental mustard, allowing I tumblerful of stock to every 1 lb.
of fish.
Dot with butter, and cook in a gentle oven for about 20 minutes, basting often with the liquid.
When the fish is cooked, drain the liquid surrounding it into a pan and reduce it to a thick gravy by rapid boiling: pour this over the fish, and brown the top quickly in a hot oven or under the griller.
Serve the dish garnished with quartered lemon.

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The Fisherman'S Dish Recipe