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Roast Hare

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It is usually only the back of a hare which is roasted—the entire back from neck to tail.
The rest can be lightly covered in oil and used for civet of hare (see following recipe) the following day.
Skin and paunch the hare.
Put the blood in a bowl with the liver, removing the gall-bladder.1 To prevent coagulation add 3 tablespoonfuls of brandy.
Take off carefully the fine transparent underskin from the flesh of the hare: this is easier to do if you singe it.
Roll a thin sheet of fat green bacon round the hare, and tie it.
Now roast the hare on a turning spit, or conventionally in the oven, on the wire part of the grill pan over a roasting dish.
Put 4 or 5 tablespoonfuls of lightly salted butter in the flat dish under 1 If you ask your butcher to do this job for you (as well you may), then take a bowl along and ask him to put the blood and liver in it for you.
Verify that he has removed the gall-bladder from the liver.
In Scotland the blood of the hare is commonly used in a similar manner for Bawd Bree Soup.
the spit, or if you are using an oven, in the roasting tin, under the wire part of the grill pan.
Baste the hare with this frequently.
Roasting should take between 15 to 20 minutes per lb.
of hare (weighed when ready to roast), but of course it depends on the age and tenderness of the hare.
Chop and pound the liver, and brown it gently for 3 minutes in a frying-pan in 2 tablespoonfuls of butter together with a small bunch of mixed herbs; stir in 1/2 a tablespoonful of flour, moisten with 1/3 of a glass of very dry white wine, add a little salt and a lot of pepper.
Then take out the bunch of mixed herbs and press the sauce through a strainer.
Now add the blood which was mixed with brandy, together with the gravy from the tray under the spit, or from the roasting tin.
Heat but do not bring to the boil, as the sauce would curdle.
Serve this sauce with the hare, after untying the string round the hare and removing the bacon.

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Roast Hare Recipe