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Salmis Of Woodcock

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This is a useful way of using up left-overs of roasted woodcock, and of pheasant and partridge too: but where the two latter are concerned the trail is removed and thrown away.
Discard crop and gizzard but leave the trail (liver, heart and intestines) inside the carcase of the woodcock.
Truss the woodcock; don't tie any bacon round it, but spread it lavishly all over with butter.
Put slices of bread in the drip-tin, and roast your woodcock on a spit (see introduction), or in the oven on the grill rack, for 15 to 20 minutes, basting frequently.
Season with salt a little while before roasting is completed.
Then carve up the woodcock, and put the legs, wings and breast with the flesh adhering to them, on a dish.
Leave to get cold.
Put what remains of the woodcock into a saucepan with the butter and the bread from the drip-tin: add a bunch of mixed herbs and 2 shallots; mince and pound or mash all this briefly together, and just cover over with a very good red wine.
Cover, and boil gently for 1 hour.
When this is cooked, press it through a sieve (or use any suitable mill or grinder).
Reheat the thick sauce which results; if it isn't as thick as it should be, boil it rapidly to reduce it; it will then become thicker.
Add a nut of butter to it: put the pieces of woodcock into it, and heat—but don't boil.
Add plenty of pepper, and serve with sippets of bread lightly fried in butter.

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Salmis Of Woodcock Recipe