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For terrine
  Smoked duck breast 1⁄2 Pound, sliced paper thin
  Foie gras 1 , uncooked (whole)
  Salt To Taste
  Freshly ground black pepper To Taste
For cauliflower torte
  Puff pastry 1⁄2 Pound
  Cauliflower head 1 Small
  Chopped parsley 1 Tablespoon
  Truffle 1 Small, finely chopped
  Egg yolk 1 , beaten with 1 teaspoon water
  Water 1 Teaspoon
  Chopped aspic 2 Tablespoon (for garnish)
  Purslane leaves 6 (for garnish)
  Duck confit legs 4 , deboned, long thin strips (Confit de Canard, for garnish)
  Freshly ground pepper To Taste (for garnish)

1) Preheat the oven to 250° F.
2) Arrange the strips of duck breast on the bottom and sides of a heavily-lidded 5-cup terrine mold. Let the strips overlap each other leaving no gaps in between. Let the edges of the strips overhang the sides of the mold.
3) Cut out the centre of the foie gras and remove the attached nerves. Season the foie gras with salt and pepper. Close it up and place in middle of the terrine.
4) Take the duck breast strips and fold over the foie gras. Place the lid over the terrine firmly.

5) Place a kettle of water on boil. Keep the terrine in a deep baking dish with enough boiling water covering half of the mold.
6) Bake the terrine for about 20 minutes. The internal temperature when checked with a thermometer reaches 120° F.
7) Take the terrine from the water bath and let cool to room temperature.
8) Place the terrine in the refrigerator to cool down.
9) Preheat the oven to 425° F and lightly grease a baking sheet.
10) Take the puff pastry and roll it out to get six 3-inch circles.
11) On a baking sheet, place the pastry circles, cover with a plastric wrap and chill in the refrigerator.
12) Rinse the cauliflower and slice them into little florets.
13) In a large saucepan, bring salted water to boil. Add in the florets and cook for about 3 minutes until soft but not mushy. Drain.
14) Place a couple of florets in the centre of each circular pastry dough. Sprinkle a pinch of parsley and truffle on top. Brush the edges of the dough with egg wash and fold over the edges. Seal the edges by pressing with the back of a fork. Prick
the top of the pastry with a fork to let steam escape.
15) Place the tourtes on a baking sheet and brush their tops with egg wash. Bake for about 20 minutes until the tourtes turn golden brown.
16) Keep the tourtes warm till serving time.

17) Slice 6-inch thick pieces from the terrine.
18) Arrange the slices on individual serving plates. Garnish the top with chopped aspic and purslane leaves.
19) Serve the terrine slices with the cauliflower tourtes, strips of confit and a generous sprinkling of pepper on top.

Leftover terrine can be refrigerated for 3 to 5 days.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Main Dish
Cook Time: 
40 Minutes

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Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 1042 Calories from Fat 632

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 71 g108.7%

Saturated Fat 19.6 g98.1%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 465.6 mg155.2%

Sodium 868 mg36.2%

Total Carbohydrates 52 g17.2%

Dietary Fiber 5.5 g22%

Sugars 15.9 g

Protein 53 g105.1%

Vitamin A 336.9% Vitamin C 124.9%

Calcium 12.2% Iron 108.6%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Terrine Of Foie Gras Recipe