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Poulet Chasseur

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  Butter 2 Ounce (50 Gram)
  Chicken 4 Pound, cut into serving pieces (1.75 Kilogram)
  Baby onions 4 Ounce (125 Gram)
  Shallots 8 Ounce, chopped (250 Gram)
  Dry vermouth 1⁄4 Pint (150 Milliliter)
  Bouquet garni 1
  Bay leaf 1
  Canned tomatoes 14 Ounce (1 Can, 397 Gram)
  Button mushrooms 8 Ounce (250 Gram)
  Tomato puree 1 Tablespoon
  Salt To Taste
  Pepper To Taste

Melt the butter in a pan, add the chicken pieces and fry until browned on all sides.
Remove from the pan.
Add the onions and shallots to the pan and cook for 5 minutes.
Remove the pan from the heat, add the vermouth and ignite.
When the flames have died down, return the chicken to the pan and add the bouquet garni, bay leaf, and salt and pepper to taste.
Add the tomatoes with their juice, bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 1 hour.
Add the mushrooms and tomato puree and cook, uncovered, for 20 to 30 minutes, until the sauce is reduced and thickened.
Serve immediately.

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Main Dish
Cook Time: 
95 Minutes

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Poulet Chasseur Recipe