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Classic French Croque Monsieur

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Easier to make than pronounce (croak-mon-sir), this is world’s most famous open-face sandwich. According to my French sandwich sources (Wikipedia) the name is based on the verb croquer, "to bite hungrily," and the word monsieur which means "mister." So, I guess this basically translates to “bite hungrily Mister!” And if you make this delicious open-faced delight you’ll know why. By the way, I’m sure it’s the same if you’re a Madame or Mademoiselle. There are many versions, but mine is slices of the round, crusty French bread (pain au levain) topped with our cheesy,home-made thyme béchamel (left-over from our cheese soufflé recipe video), covered with ham, tomato and cheese, and then baked golden brown. How do you say “to die for” in French? I stole this version from a French bakery here in San Francisco called Tartine, which has lines of people out the door waiting for these beauties to come out of the oven. Bon Appetite!!
For recipe ingredients, please refer to the video.

For recipe directions, please refer to the video.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Cheese, Milk Product
Preparation Time: 
5 Minutes
Cook Time: 
20 Minutes
Ready In: 
25 Minutes
This homey version of the classic and world famous open-face sandwich, comes pretty close to the one I ate at a quaint Bistro in Paris. It is truly delicious and lives up to the meaning of its name "crispy mister". Chef John teaches you to make this delectable sandwich at home using pain au levain (crusty French bread), black forest ham, fontina cheese, which is much more affordable than Swiss and gruyere. This sandwich is great for brunch, lunch or a picnic.

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This looks good but sorry this is not a Croque Monsieur. This is simply a tartine that has Croque Monsieur ingredients. a CM looks like a sandwich (2 slices on bread top to each other), you will also need mustard and gruyere (conte or emental will work too) @+ salut.
Classic French Croque Monsieur Recipe Video