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Two Fat Ladies

Two Fat Ladies is a popular cooking show hosted by BBC Two television. The show ran for four years from 1996 to 1999 and its popularity ensured that it got telecasted on the Food Network and Cooking Channel of USA and also on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company), Australia. This food show was hosted by Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, who travelled all over UK and cooked up some wonderfully delectable and strongly flavored Two Fat Ladies Recipes in some unusual spots such as an all girls school, an army camp, in churches, etc. The twosome believed in using only the freshly available ingredients, preferably from the farms and roadside markets. Strong flavored seasonings, anchovies, garlic, etc were the trademark ingredients of the dishes whipped up by the Two Fat Ladies.

History of Two Fat Ladies
Two Fat Ladies show went on air in the year 1996, hosted by two very enthusiastic and spirited ladies who not only loved travelling, but thoroughly enjoyed cooking along the journey, whipping up some delectable dishes. This particular food show was produced by BBC that ran into four years from 1996 to 1999. Fat free recipes were last on the mind of the Two Fat Ladies who hosted the show, instead they believed in cooking up dishes that were rich and full of strong flavors. The Two Fat Ladies Recipes are quite popular with a lot many people across UK as the recipes did not involve counting the calories. Smoking cigarettes and impromptu singing while cooking was the trademark of the show.

Format of Two Fat Ladies
Two Fat Ladies involves two ladies, Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, travelling on the Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle and a Watsonian GP-700 “doublewide” sidecar that was driven by Paterson. They travelled all over UK, Ireland and certain other countries as well and they cooked up meals for various groups of people that ranged from school girls to army camps and many more such groups and these foods are today popularly known as the Two Fat Ladies Recipes. These two cooks loved following the age old traditions and recipes in terms of using lard, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, etc and unusual ingredients in the meals they cooked.

Noteworthy Episodes of Two Fat Ladies
Two Fat Ladies were devout Catholics and most of their episodes on the show were influenced by their faith. Some popular episodes of the program are the ones that were filmed at the Westminster Cathedral, thanks to Paterson’s uncle, Anthony Bartlett who was a senior aide to Archbishop of Westminster.

Some popular episodes of the program were –
1) Food in the Wild (from Season 1) – This episode of Two Fat Ladies was filmed at the Kawkhirst Scout Camp, Kielder Forest, Northumberland. The recipes of this season used the more easily available ingredients around the camp and these involved Muttachar (spiced eggs), Shooter’s Sandwich, Frittata with tomatoes, onions and basil, Trout from the Luau, which are some popular Two Fat Ladies Recipes.

2) Cocktail Party Episode (from Season 2) – This episode of Two Fat Ladies was filmed at The Brazilian Embassy, Mayfair, London. The Two Fat Ladies Recipes of this popular episode included Blini (with sour cream and caviar), Prawns in mackintoshes, Brazilian Bean fritters, Portuguese cod cakes and Devils on horseback.

Similarly there were many more such popular episodes on the Two Fat Ladies show, episodes such as Benedictine Nuns, Cambridge Eight and Caribbean Christmas from Season 3 and On Safari and A Day at the Races from Season 4, which included a lot many delicious and scrumptious Two Fat Ladies Recipes.

Two Fat Ladies: Trivia
Two Fat Ladies were parodied by Brendan Fraser and Darrell Hammond on the 1999 episode of Saturday Night Live, where they cooked dishes that were sautéed in pure buttermilk.