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Throwdown With Bobby Flay

Throwdown With Bobby Flay is a reality show based on cookery. Aired on Food Network every Wednesday, it has gained immense popularity as the well known chef Bobby Flay takes on other noted celebrity chefs and tries to beat them on their own turf. Each episode of Throwdown With Bobby Flay commences with a message being delivered via a bicycle boy in which Flay receives the details of his opponents. He then prepares both himself as well as his team for the competition and both the chefs get down to cooking the same dish. The dishes are sampled by the local judges who declare the winner.

Throwdown With Bobby Flay has been going on for eight continuous seasons with each season featuring over a dozen episodes. Flay has had spectacular success with all the Throwdown With Bobby Flay recipes for cakes. He has also won 32 bouts so far with 68 losses and a tie.

Origin Of Throwdown With Bobby Flay Show

The very first episode of Throwdown With Bobby Flay was aired on June 29th, 2006 and continues to run on Food Network on Wednesdays. The duration of the show is of thirty minutes with a couple of commercial breaks included within it.

The host of Throwdown With Bobby Flay is an acclaimed cookbook author and award winning chef. Throwdown With Bobby Flay recipes have also been included in Flay’s cookbook with Chowder by Ben Sargent, the recipe from the initial episode gaining a prominent place in it.

Format Of Throwdown With Bobby Flay Show

Each episode of the Throwdown With Bobby Flay show starts with the featured chef being introduced via a small biography on his cooking style and accomplishments. The information is collected by leading the concerned chef to believe that he/she would be featured in a Food Network TV show. A small part hosted for them sees Flay striding in and challenging the chef to a contest.

The episodes become amusing as the concerned chef is surprised by the turn of events at first. However, most of them soon agree to compete with Flay and both the chefs end up cooking the signature dish of the guest culinary expert.

The Throwdown With Bobby Flay recipes are tasted by both the participants who are usually politely complimentary about each other. Several connoisseurs of food also get to taste the dishes after which the winner is declared by means of a blind tasting session.

Flay often takes the help of other New York based experts in understanding the basic techniques involved. He also makes it a point to acknowledge the traditional recipe on the Throwdown With Bobby Flay show before explaining how the dish can be improved with a few additions and alterations which forms the mainstay of the Throwdown With Bobby Flay recipes.

Noteworthy Throwdown With Bobby Flay Recipes

Some of the most noteworthy episodes featured on the Throwdown With Bobby Flay show have been:-

  • Chicken And Fried Steak- The faceoff with Paula Deen has also been shown on Paula’s Show on Food Network.
  • Rematch On Grill- The competition between three of the Throwdown contestants also featured Tobin Ellis who challenged Flay separately.
  • Wedding Cake- The only episode of Throwdown With Bobby Flay that ended in a tie.


  • Jack Serio died after he was featured on Throwdown With Bobby Flay. A remembrance graphic was included in the episode.