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The Surreal Gourmet

The Surreal Gourmet is a very popular program hosted by Bob Blumer on Food Network. The unique feature of this show is that it features some great creative techniques related to cooking and also the memorable Toastermobile. Normally, the foods prepared in this show are meant to be served in get-togethers and parties.

History of the Show

The show was aired for the first time on July 07, 2002. This 30 minute show became an instant hit from its very first episode and is still one of the most popular shows of television.

Format of the Show

The Surreal Gourmet is a show which is best described as a culinary tour. Bob travels to the venue in a wonderful Toastermobile. He moves ahead by showing his hosts, the techniques of preparing a complete dinner party. This is one rare opportunity in which hosts turn into culinary heroes in no time.

Noteworthy Episodes of the Show

The Surreal Gourmeti is one of those shows which have several noteworthy episodes.

· In the episode Glutton for Punishment which was shot in 2008 Calgary Stampede. Blumer set a Guinness World Record on 10th July, 2008 by flipping around 559 pancakes in just an hour.

· In the episode of 4th July, 2010, Bob broke another Guinness World record for making the most number of pizzas in one hour. He prepared 168 pizzas in just 1 hour.

Show Trivia

The dishes prepared in this show are from the unique imaginative collection of Bob himself.