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Take Home Chef

Take Home Chef is an American reality culinary show aired on TLC featuring Curtis Stone, the famous Australian Chef and television personality who is fondly known as “the Terminator” by his admirers. Interestingly, unlike many other shows, the Take Home Chef has a hint of a romantic side to it which makes it all the more popular with many people. The chef visits a grocery store, where as a stranger, he introduces himself to a good-looking woman who takes him home (the title of the show is perhaps named after this step of the show) and allows him to prepare dinner. The running time of the show is half an hour including the time allotted for commercials. With the charismatic Curtis Stone, who convinces the pretty woman in taking him to her home for cooking some simply amazing Take Home Chef recipes, the show has attained high entertainment value.

The essence of the Take Home Chef is to observe the cooking routine of people in general and offer them techniques and concepts on how to make their daily menus more interesting. The series has some good mouthwatering Take Home Chef recipes like Apple Tarte Tatin, French Onion Soup, Creamy Polenta with chives, Chocolate Cheesecake and Pan Fried Mahi Mahi with Chocolate Veloute. Each dinner had its own unique menu of Take Home Chef recipes.

History of Take Home Chef

Take Home Chef was originally broadcasted by the Learning Channel and was aired from the 15th of May 2006 to 2008.Though popular during its time, the show is not being broadcasted anymore on TLC.

Format of Take Home Chef

Take Home Chef, as already mentioned, was a very entertaining show in which Curtis would go to a grocery store where he would come across a pretty woman as a stranger and motivate her to take him to her kitchen where he would cook a hearty meal. Amidst humorous and entertaining conversation, the meal is cooked and the Take Home recipes always turn out to be truly impressive.

Noteworthy Episodes of Take Home Chef

The Take Home Chef show featured celebrity guests like actress Kimberley Joseph, the Australian – Canadian star who cooked a fabulous Spanish fare comprising manchego and tapas which are one of the most liked Take Home chef recipes. Voice star, Tara Strong appeared on the show with her family in an October 2006 episode. Comedian Randy Sklar was given a cheery shock with a beef wellington when he came across his wife on the show with Curtis Stone.