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Secrets Of A Restaurant Chef

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef is a reality show aired on Food Network. The show is presented by Anne Burrell who showcases the techniques of a quality chef. Retaining the flavor and taste of seasonal foods is depicted through creative recipes. The demonstration is friendly and easy without being too scary. It is similar to looking into the kitchen of a master chef and learning all about it. The show is all about converting restaurant food into home cooked meals which can be served on special occasions. The informality of the host along with her obvious skills at preparing food are the main highlights of the show with the recipes being easy enough to prepare even during rushed weekdays.

Origin of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

The show started airing on Food Network TV in 2008 and continues to be telecast on Saturday evenings. The initial episode of the show showed Anne Burrell cooking a meat filled Bolognese with a rich sauce. The special highlights of the show were the use of ordinary everyday ingredients which were not too pricey. This particular recipe shown also proved to be time saving and helped the series to earn good reviews.

Format of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

The half an hour show has a simple format with the presenter being the only person on the sets who talks to her viewers and teaches them a few innovative tricks. The show is currently in its seventh season with the Secret to cooking a Gulf Shrimp Jambalaya about to be disclosed in the episode that is scheduled to be aired on the 5th of February 2011.

Anne Burrell tries to simplify the ingredients as well as the process of cooking and succeeds in turning gourmet restaurant food into dishes that can be prepared easily at home as well. show also makes it a point to use easily available ingredients which are not overly expensive either. Almost all the Secrets of a Restaurant Chef recipes of the series are time saving which gives Burrell the opportunity of discussing multiple recipes on a single episode.

Noteworthy Secrets of a Restaurant Chef Recipes

The episode titled ‘Cook like a Pro’ showed Burrell sharing tips with her viewers. She also managed to prepare a range of her favorite holiday sweets in this episode of the Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef Show: Trivia

Burrel is the host of three different food shows along with the Secrets of a Restaurant Chef that is on air at present.