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Road Tasted

Road Tasted is a popular American TV show which is aired on Food Network. Originally, well known Food Network host Paula Deen’s sons, Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen acted as hosts of this popular show. Gordon Elliot, Paula Deen’s friend, was the creator of this show, which was premiered on 11th July, 2006. The initial hosts of the show, Road Tasted, traveled across the United States in search for best food businesses run by various families. However, as the show proceeded the two brothers could not devote much time for the show due to the responsibility of running a family based restaurant. Thus, Patrick and Gina Neely took over as the hosts of the show later on. This show is now popular as “Road Tasted with the Neelys"

Road Tasted TV Show- Primary Feature

The primary and appealing feature of the show “Road Tasted” is the opportunity given to the food businesses to ship their products to the customers directly. Thus, information on the methods of ordering the featured items on show is always given in the program.

During season 1 of the show, food businesses in cities like northern California, New York and its neighborhood, Austin, Colorado, Portland, and Washington are covered. During season 2, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, and Philly have been covered till date.

A Few Road Tasted Hot Products

Some of the popular products covered on the show “Road tasted” include:

  • Firecracker Truffles – salt and polling candy

  • Whale Tails Tortilla Chips - corn tortilla chips flavored with Hawaiian sea salt

  • Marshmallows - sugary confectionery items

  • Smoked Bacon - pork or beef based dish

  • Sweet Potato Pound Cake – light fine textured cake made up of sweet potatoes, pecans, cinnamon and butter

  • Cheese Rings – party snack made up of cheese, margarine and flour

  • Savory Pies – excellent cheese or meat based comfort foods

  • Red Velvet Cupcakes – sweet and sassy cupcakes

  • Smoked and Maple Glazed Hams - A ham glaze with maple syrup and apple juice

  • Pumpkin Mousse Roll – delicious dish made up of pumpkin, eggs, cinnamon, ginger, lemon juice, flour and nutmeg as the essential ingredients