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Ricardo And Friends

Ricardo and Friends is one of the popular English Language food shows originally broadcasted by Food Network Canada, with Ricardo Larrivee as the host of the show who originally belongs to Montreal. The food show “Ricardo and Friends” is immensely popular in Quebec where the chef pays visit to native suppliers and growers for gathering ingredients to be used in preparing several marvelous dishes. Various kinds of recipes are explained in the show with the help of use of featured ingredients on the show. The Ricardo and Friends recipes are simple and unique in their own sense where they are normally prepared for family and friends.

Ricardo and Friends History

Ricardo and Friends was created after the huge success of one of the French Shows in Canada which featured Ricardo. Due to immense popularity of the French cookery show, plans were made to feature Ricardo in an English cooking show, thus resulting in the creation of “Ricardo and Friends”. Another motive of the show was to give a good platform to Ricardo throughout Canada.

Ricardo and Friends Format

In each and every episode of the show, Ricardo travels all through Quebec for showcasing various kinds of products and food items of Canada which includes cheese, beer, herbs and many more. Apart from focusing on the cuisine of a particular region in Canada, the chef also lays emphasis on the various other food items and products from all over the country. The food ingredients or beverages that are featured on the food show “Ricardo and Friends” are normally used in the preparation of dishes during the telecast of the show, thus helping to come up with unique and amazing Ricardo and Friends recipes

Popular Ricardo and Friends Recipes

A few popular recipes of TV chef Ricardo from the famous English language cooking show “Ricardo and Friends include the following:

  • Bourbon baked beans

A comfort side food made up of pork, bourbon, navy beans, onions, tomatoes, dry mustard, molasses and spices.

  • Country style omelet

A breakfast item made up with unbleached flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, bacon fat, salt and pepper.

  • Maple syrup dumplings

A savory and sweet desert item made up of unbleached flour, sugar, butter, salt, baking powder, milk, vanilla extract and maple syrup.

  • Black beans and rice

A meal prepared with onions, butter, rice, beans, chicken broth and spices as per taste.