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Quick Fix Meals With Robin Miller

Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller is a cookery based show hosted by Robin Miller, the noted food writer and nutritionist. She explains about the proper method of preparing meals with fresh and healthy ingredients. The show is aimed at the working population of America whose hectic schedule often makes them skip meals. Miller explains why it is important to get proper meals on the table. She also attempts to teach the viewers how to make healthy and nutritious dishes in a jiffy. She also devises planning strategies and provides information about the availability of ingredients.

It was aired in 2005 for the first time. The show lasted for three years and ended in 2008. It is currently enjoying a rerun on the network.

Origin of Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller Recipes

The first episode was aired on 29 October 2005 and ended after completing a successful run of three years. The show saw six seasons during this time period with each of the seasons consisting of a number of episodes. The show is being re telecast by the channel now and airs on Thursday at 11:30 AM.

Format of Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller

Robin Miller gives helpful hints about planning and preparing nutritious meals without spending too much of time in the kitchen. Her strategies tend to be stress free are helpful as are her simple but tasty recipes which makes even the most novice cook willing to prepare a full meal. A particularly helpful addition is the shopping list given out at the end of each episode which provide ingredient availability details.

Noteworthy Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller Recipes

Some of the most notable recipes shown are:-

  • Minestrone Soup- shown as a part of the episode ‘Slow it Down’, Miller demonstrates how to cook a healthy soup with pasta, vegetables and beans.
  • Creative Companions- A popular episode from the first season features the right kind of accompaniments for a particular dish.
  • Hot & Cold- Miler shows how the temperature of a dish can make a difference.

Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller Show: Trivia

200 popular recipes from the Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller show has been compiled and published in the form of a cookbook.