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Pukka Tukka

Pukka Tukka refers to a TV show aired since 19 June 2001 from United Kingdom hosted by chef Jamie Oliver. It was telecast in countries including New Zealand(since 19 June 2001), Austria(since 3 June 2003) and Sweden(since 25 April 2004). It was also known as "Jamie Oliver's Pukka Tukka".

History of Pukka Tukka
The show began in 19 June 2001 and is still on. The name “Pukka Tukka” is derived from the word “Pukka” which is a British slang meaning well- cooked and Tukka meaning food.

Format of Pukka Tukka
It is a fun infused cookery show hosted by Jamie Oliver featuring many common and easy to make recipes. The pukka tukka recipes of some dishes were also circulated through some handy recipe cards by the chef himself.

Noteworthy Episodes of Pukka Tukka
The host Jamie reveals that the inspiration behind his recipes were his friends including a team of brave firemen featuring ‘box of tricks’ – ranging with spices to oils, pickles, pulses, dried pasta and fresh herbs. The pucca tukka recipes are now available in DVD formats across many stores. The show also features notable recipes by Jamie Oliver in his cookbooks- "Oliver's Twist", "Jamie's Kitchen" and "Naked Chef". Notable pucca tukka recipes include Apricot and Pistachio Tarte Tatin, Sea Bass with Fennel and Olives, Slow-Roasted Leg of Pork with Spicy Scratchings, Steak with a Spicy Rub and Tomato and Runner Beans.

Pukka Tukka Trivia
The videos were first released the UK in VHS video format in Nov 2000 and in the DVD format in April 2004.