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Paula Home Cooking

Paula Home Cooking is a Paula Deen Food Network show featuring the Southern cuisine and comfort food trendy with the Americans, as the culinary spotlight. With classic dishes like fried okra, pot roast and pecan pie as a norm, Paula Home Cooking recipes normally do avoid complicated or odd recipes.

History of the Paula Home Cooking Show
Paula Home Cooking is a thirty minute show which began from November 16, 2002.

Format of Paula Home Cooking
In Paula Home Cooking, dishes that are flavorful and common are spotlighted, given to the fact that the fat content and calorie count of the meals are normally very high. Paula also showcases vignettes of Georgia, Savannah, in which she co-owns along with her sons Jamie and Bobby, The Lady & Sons.

Noteworthy Episodes of Paula Home Cooking
Paula Home Cooking recorded many interesting episodes in Southern atmosphere, in upstate New York till 2006. Thereafter, shows have been recorded in Deen's new home near Savannah. In the year 2008, Deen started work on a refurbished version of the series known as Paula's Best Dishes, wherein friends and family appear with her in the kitchen to make Paula Home Cooking recipes. Her sons are normally seen as guests on the show. Eventually they became popular with the Food Network's audience and now come in their own show, Road Tasted, resembling Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels. Deen's husband, Michael Groover, also comes over now and again as a guest and Food Network recorded the Deen-Groover wedding in 2004 to telecast in a special edition of the show.

Popular Paula Home Cooking recipes include Chicken and Rice Casserole, Lady and Sons Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken and Dumplings, Mexican Chicken and Grandmother Paul's Fried Chicken.

Paula Home Cooking Show Trivia
The achievement of Paula Home Cooking showed the way to release a line of cookbooks, other television shows, a magazine, specials and related merchandise.

Paula Deen's popularity, urged by the show, made way to feature Paula in a small role in the feature film Elizabethtown.

Paula Deen learned the essence of Southern cooking from her Grandmother about 30 years ago.