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Nigella Bites

Nigella Bites is a British food show that is hosted by Nigella Lawson, the author of many best-selling cookery books. Thereafter, she hosted many more cook shows on the British television. Coming back to the Bites show, it is a food show that is part confessional and part food guide. A very conversational and friendly person, Nigella presents the show in an informal manner focusing on some delicious recipes popularly known as the Recipes. These recipes are a reflection of what she cooks for her family and friends and more about the creative realization of her fantasies about food. Cooking in comfortable homely atmosphere in her kitchen and at the same entertaining and enjoying being with friends is the concept of the show.

History of Nigella Bites Recipes

Nigella Bites is Nigella Lawson’s own cookery television series on Channel 4. This started in the year 2000 and lasted for a year till 2001. The show was first filmed in Nigella’s west London home in her beautiful kitchen and the success of the show led to the series being telecast on E! and Style Network channels as well. Soon the show and the recipes caught the fancy of Americans even leading to some critics suggesting Nigella’s way of cooking was too flirtatious and looked like a prelude to an orgy. However, the popularity of the show led to the publication of the second bestselling cookery book of Christmas in the year 2002.

Format of Nigella's Show

Nigella Bites was the beginning of Nigella Lawson’s series of cookery shows. The format of the show is part guide and part food confessional and each episode is a complete focus on simple yet delicious food she cooks for herself, her family and friends and the creative output on each episode is a result of her fantasizing about food the way she looks at it. She believes in cooking real food for real people and the same can be seen all the recipes and these are all the more real because she cooks the food in her own kitchen. As Nigella believes more in entertaining her family and friends and not spending agonizing moments in the kitchen, her cooking techniques are very easy, yet effective in terms of cooking some delightful, delectable and appetizing food. All this and some very useful practical tips and easy cooking principles can be learnt from the show.

Noteworthy Works of Nigella Bites

Nigella Bites, though the first in the cookery series of Nigella, was a huge success averaging about 1.9 million viewers in UK and resulting in her being awarded the Television Broadcast of the Year at the Guild of Food Writers Awards and also the Best Television Food Show at the World Food Media Awards in the year 2001. The show even led to a cook book of Nigella Bites recipes with sales of over 300,000 and also being awarded the WH Smith Award for Lifestyle Book of the Year.

Trivia- Nigella Bites Food Show

Nigella Bites is a show that reflects the personal interest of the host Nigella Lawson and she ensures the recipes are the ones that the viewers like and enjoy. Moreover, she believes that cooking is therapeutic and the same reflects in the way she prepares the dishes.