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My Country My Kitchen

My Country, My Kitchen is a food plus traveling show. The main highlight of the show is the journey of famous chefs back to their homelands to divulge the foods and the culture that inspire them to cook.

All countries and nations have their own culinary traditions and food habits and through this show the producers have tried to present them to the audience.

History of My Country, My Kitchen

Released on 20th August 2001 in USA; My Country, My Kitchen falls under the genre of documentary. However, it is mainly seen as a food show. The show was directed and even conceptualized by Irene Wong. Irene Wong is settled in USA, but belongs to Asian ethnicity has directed many other successful shows as well such as Unique Eats, Martha Bakes and Ask Aida.

Format of My Country, My Kitchen

Being a weekly show, My Country, My Kitchen has gained enormous popularity among the food lovers. The essence, aroma, taste and even the ethnic culinary traditions of the places traveled in the show are marvelous.

Show is hosted either by top chefs, cook book authors or restaurateurs. Every week, one of them takes the audience back to his/her homeland and discloses some of the secrets that inspire him/her to become a cook. Places such as Vietnam, Indian, South America, China and France are on the top of the list of the show. The eating habits, food culture, popular foods and secret ingredients of these places are revealed in the show.

My Country, My Kitchen Trivia

Jacques Torres and Cat Cora are few of the famous culinary experts that appeared on the show with some of their foods from the past.