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Molto Mario

Molto Mario is Mario Batali’s television show which presents the best and most precious secrets of Italian cuisine. Apparently, Food Network which was airing the show since 1997 decided to cancel it and though new episodes of Molto Mario have not been shot since 2004, the network still broadcasts some of the old episodes of Molto Mario. Mario , takes the viewers on an interesting culinary trip in Italy and brings forth the cuisine in a simplified and fresh manner to the people of America and by doing that, the chef encourages them to try out the Italian recipes which were thought to be tough or out of reach for home cooking.

Popular Molto Mario Recipes

Molto Mario has featured some of the best recipes of Mario Batali. A couple of examples are given as under:

Chicken Saltimbocca- this is a savory chicken dish made by sautéing pounded chicken dredged with seasoned flour in oil, cooking it with mushrooms and shallots and cooking it further in Marsala and chicken stock. The dish is served garnished with fried sage leaves.

Lamb Calzone- this is one of the most famous Molto Mario recipes which was demonstrated in the episode Titled “ Some Fry It Hot”. This a delicious brown pie baked with lamb stew filling made by frying lamb cubes in oil and cooking with tomato sauce.